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Wholesale Aichun Beauty 135g/pc Strawberry Facial Cleanser, Minimum Order Quantity is 144pcs (for 1 carton box)

Aichun Beauty Strawberry Facial Cleanser - gentle and deep cleansing you skin to get florid and  hydrating skin.This product    is perfect for T-Zone, normal and dry skin types. With active strawberry extracts, aichun strawberry facial cleanser works effectively to gentle and deep cleansing you skin to get hydrating and bright skin. 

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Product name: Strawberry Facial Cleanser

Product ID: AC31273

Weight: 135g/pc

Package: In English.

Main ingredient: Strawberry moisturizing extract,itamin E,etc.

Minimum order quantity: 1 carton (144pcs/lot in 1 carton), 


Aichun Beauty Strawberry Facial Cleanser is made up of naturally herbal extracts, with active strawberry cells it works to diminishes the appearance of large poresimprove and improc your skin condition. This product is made with 100% natural, botanical ingredients, it is safe and gentle for your skin. Regular use will bring 

 Phase 2: AHA fruit acids  works to cleansing dead skin particles and sebum deposits, strawberry extracts will revitalise the skin and support cell renewal. Phase 3: Taking off the mask, dirt and skin impurities are completely removed. Your skin will restore fair and bright. Study showed that a regular use will improves the skin’s appearance by 56 %.

How to use

Put proper amount of foam on the face rubbing in a circular motion on the face for 2-3 minutes then wash your face well with water. Use it daily.

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